A Preliminary Study of Serious Game Effect Model based on Construal-Level Theory Hye-Rim Lee, Eui Jun Jeong - 2014


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Author(s) : Hye-Rim Lee, Eui Jun Jeong
Editor : DOI: 10.7583/JKGS.2014.14.4.105
Date : 2014
Lang : Lang


Many of recent studies have suggested various positive outcomes of serious games. However, relatively little emphasis has been placed on the roles of user-centered factors from a psychological perspective. One of the main goals of serious games is the change of the user`s perception and behavior towards a positive direction. To achieve this goal, psychological factors should be applied to the user`s playing process in serious games. Inspired by construal-level theory(CLT), we propose a CLT applied model (CLT in process-outcome serious games model) considering psychological factors on the player`s decision making. The model will be useful not only to game developers or designers but also to game researchers as a valuable tool in persuasion and learning for serious game users.
References (1):
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Keywords : Serious game, User's perception, psychological factors