User-Generated Video Gaming: Little Big Planet and Participatory Cultures in Italy Francesca Comunello, Simone Mulargia - 2014


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Author(s) : Francesca Comunello, Simone Mulargia
Editor : Games and Culture Vol 10, Issue 1, pp. 57 - 80
Date : 2014
Lang : Lang


Digital technology users are growingly involved in what has been described as convergence culture or participatory cultures. In this context, a major role is played by user-generated content. This article focuses on the participatory practices related to Little Big Planet (LBP) 1, a PlayStation platform video game that encourages users to create and share their own gaming levels. Our theoretical framework refers both to convergence culture and to a specific perspective of game studies that focuses on the cultural and social dimensions that are to be found in gaming and modding practices. A total of 8,829 Italian PlayStation Network (PSN) users were surveyed regarding their gaming practices, their attitude toward digital technology, and their LBP usage experiences. The results show that familiarity with digital technology and a socially oriented attitude to digital technology are clearly related to “active LBP engagement.” Moreover, PSN users are more likely than other digital platforms users to create their own content.
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Keywords : User-generated video gaming, Participatory cultures, PlayStation Network, Little Big Planet