Jogos Sérios para Lean Manufacturing:?Jogo: Método 5S? Duarte Sousa Ferreira Gomes - 2011


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Author(s) : Duarte Sousa Ferreira Gomes
Editor : Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto
Date : 2011
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The global economic crisis that is felt is leading to the emergence of a need to increase business competitiveness, by improving the performance of its employees. In this sense, Lean Manufacturing is an area that deserves the attention of employers and their employees, since its main objectives are to increase productivity, reduce waste and optimize available resources. A Lean tool that deserves special attention is the 5S Method, which can improve productivity, by increasing the organization of the workplace. Since the use of real workstations, so that employees can practice and learn to apply the 5S rules, is expensive in time and costs increase due to stopping the production line, there is a need to create a Serious Game that helps learning these subjects. A brief survey of the market showed that this need is not being adequately answered. There are several organizations dedicated to teach and share this type of knowledge and few of this have digital tools available. This dissertation proposes a Serious Game that aims to respond to this need, by allowing in practice the 5S Method, still serving as a motivational tool for the developer to deepen their knowledge in the field. This practical approach encourages the player to learn by trial and error. Information displayed throughout the game will allow learning, without a cognitive overload to the player. The game evaluation, held by a group of students working to get a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, has shown that our approach is efficient and results in learning 5S concepts.


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Keywords : Serious Game, Learning, knowledge, Evaluation