Feedback on the integration of a serious game in the data modeling learning Imed Boughzala, Olfa Chourabi, Daniel Lang, Mondher Feki - 2017


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Author(s) : Imed Boughzala, Olfa Chourabi, Daniel Lang, Mondher Feki
Editor : Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2017
Date : 2017
Lang : Lang


Data Modeling (DM) is an important area in the Information System (IS) learning. In particular, in the IS analysis phase business analysts need to provide a comprehensive notation to avoid misunderstanding between software engineers and customer. Teaching DM is a challenging task, mainly because it lays great emphasis on theory. It remains often abstract, not consensual and complex to implement in real setting. In order to better motivate learners, this paper aims to assess the integration of Serious Games (SGs) in the DM learning. Previous researches on learning with SGs has mainly been focused on other areas of the IS domain, such as Business Process Management (BPM). In an attempt to fill this gap, this paper presents an exploratory experiment on the usage of the SG innov8, carried out within a business school’s master students. This SG initially designed for learning BPM, has been the subject of a gamification experiment in order to design a data model. The feedback from the students and teachers were quite positive.
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Keywords : Serious Games, Gamification, Innovation Minitrack, Data modeling learning, INNOV8, IS learning, Teaching DM