Blue Bot Project experiment: First statistical results of the performance of 5-year-olds pupils on their ability to program Julian Alvarez, Katell Bellegarde, Jean-Jacques Flahaut, Thierry Lafouge - 2018


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez, Katell Bellegarde, Jean-Jacques Flahaut, Thierry Lafouge
Editor : International Toy Research Association, 8th World Conference, TOYS AND MATERIAL CULTURE: Hybridisation, Design and Consumption, Paris 13
Date : 2018
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Serious digital games are attractive educational tools and resources which are undoubtedly relevant in appropriate contexts and situations (Alvarez et al., 2016). Faced with growing screen consumption by young children and its dangers on the development of several capacities, the exposure of kindergarten children is questionable (Tisseron, 2013). In order to benefit from the potential of serious digital games, without achieving overexposure to the screen, the use of toys such robots like Blue Bot seem relevant For forty years, robotics has been the subject of interesting applications in the field of education. This educational trend called “educational robotics” is aimed at the public (from kindergarten to adult education) with a goal of initiation into robotics and computer science. Its playful aspects and tangible interfaces favour an early understanding of the concepts of robotics and programming (Komis, Misirli, 2013). However, serious digital game terminals offer advantages in terms of cost (often free, like the online game robot Blue Bot) and dissemination within the school context. This paper presents the results of the “Blue Bot research” which was conducted in 2017. It is a comparative study dedicated to introduce robotics and computer science to children in their final kindergarten year. The experiment was carried out in 35 classrooms from Hauts-deFrance. The serious gaming activity proposed three different modalities: the body, the robot and digital tablet. We will present the results of the various pre- and post-test studies carried out during the experimentation. The idea is thus to discuss the different modalities deployed and to study the different combinations: robot + body, robot + tablet PC, body + Tablet PC, etc. We will focus on the robotic aspect, which in this experiment, takes the form of a toy called “Blue Bot”.


ITRA 2018 Program



Keywords : Serious Game, Robot