Serious gaming activity in team management training : reflections on emotions and debriefing Lydia Martin, Julian Alvarez - 2018


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Author(s) : Lydia Martin, Julian Alvarez
Editor : RIHM : Revue des Interactions Humaines Médiatisées. 19(1):29-46. ISSN 1289-2963
Date : 2018
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Abstract. In a socio-constructivist approach, our study analyzed a serious gaming activity in a four-day management training program. The executives were mostly men in the engineering field who held management roles for more than 2 years. We observed the executives’ 16 training sessions and interviewed 44 executives of big industrial groups, who had participated in the training, one month after the final session. A psychology of work perspective underpinned our theoretical and methodological approach in questioning the impact of serious gaming on a manager’s practices in real life work situations. The basic question we asked them was if using the game would help them be more creative in their work and encourage them to think outside the box. The results and associated interpretations showed the importance of the debriefing process to help advance thinking about how to conduct general change behavior when it comes to thinking about work and fostering cooperation.

Keywords : Emotionality, Debriefing, Reflexivity, Team management, Serious gaming, Ludopedagogy