The tablet in the museum versus the museum in the tablet: virtual walk, augmented visit or serious heritage game? Sylvie LELEU-MERVIEL, Fanny BOUGENIES, Julian ALVAREZ - 2020


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Author(s) : Sylvie LELEU-MERVIEL, Fanny BOUGENIES, Julian ALVAREZ
Editor : Revue des Interactions Humaines Médiatisées (RIHM), Vol 20 - N°1/ 2019
Date : 2020
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This research studies the relationship that is established between a physical place (a museum and its works, in this case the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille - France) and its visitors, when the wandering is accompanied and guided by a tablet device. The dedicated application it supports, Muséo+, has been designed following a design for all approach and has been tested with 130 autistic, intellectually impaired, deaf, precocious and without handicap children. The study focuses on the following questions: does the exclusive interaction with the tablet make the real place disappear and virtualize the walk? or does the real place remain predominant, the support of the tablet then being part of the augmented reality? finally, does the presence of a game for each work make the whole thing switch to an heritage serious game?


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Keywords : Virtual reality, Augmented reality, Serious game, Museum, Game, Interaction