Datagames: Questioning About the Unproductive Criterion of Play Julian Alvarez - 2021


Support : Publications
Author(s) : Julian Alvarez
Editor : in SAVIGNAC, E. (2021). Gamification de la société/ The Gamification of Society, ISTE Editions, LONDRES, (ROYAUME-UNI),
Date : 2021
Lang : Lang


ABSTRACT. This paper proposes to question one of the criteria proposed by Roger Caillois to define both play and game. This criterion is the 4th in relation to unproductivity. Based on the datagame, a game category belonging to the Serious Game, we propose a hypothetic- deductive approach to analyze this fourth criterion. At the same time, this process let us to explore the concept of datagame and the identification of benefits for the players.



Keywords : Datagame, Serious Game, Gamification, Data base, Crowdsourcing, Profiling, Marks, Digital Labor