Design of serious gaming devices and experiences Julian Alvarez - 2019


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez
Editor : Mémoire HDR - Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches, Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France, 2019
Date : 2019
Lang : Lang


Abstract : This thesis begins by questioning the legitimacy and durability of the serious game. For this, we propose to explore both Serious Game and Serious Play. Indeed, the association of Game Studies and Play Studies is, in our opinion, a complementary and necessary approach to hope to conduct such analysis. These aspects specified, this thesis explores the possibility of using game to assign to it utilitarian objectives. The concepts of Serious Gaming, Serious Game design, Gamification and Ungamification are then explored. Some of these approaches prove that to instrument game is technically possible. But can we associate utilitarian objectives and play at the same time while preserving both sides? What about the experience for the users who take part in such activity? Is pleasure always identified? These questions lead us in the end to a fundamental question: why make the use of serious game in a formal situation? To reply to this question, in a first step, we propose to explore the concept of Serious Play design that aims to structure the user experience by offering different types of learning. Then, in a second step, we propose to study strategies to maximize the chances of reaching utilitarian goals via serious games. We then see a convergence towards pedagogy that seems central in the Serious Play design. That implies counsels and human mediation to implement. The meeting of human actors, speeches and artefacts then fits in what can be called a "device". Face to the multitude of parameters involved by such a device which evaluative model can be proposed to hopefully maximize the chances of achieving utilitarian objectives and provide an experience tailored to users involved? This last question leads us to set up the CEPAJe model. After having shown how to make use of it by concrete examples, this model is tested, notably through appropriations made by others.



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Keywords : Gamification, Game Based Learning, Serious Game, Serious Gaming, Serious Play, Serious Playing, Ludopedagogy, Ungamification