Player Personality Profile Grid (PPP Grid) Julian Alvarez & Thierry Lafouge - 2023


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez & Thierry Lafouge
Editor : ISAGA 2023 / Immersive Factory / University of Lille / Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France
Date : 2023
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The purpose of this article is to propose a model to help trainers assess the player profiles they are likely to encounter among their learners. The goal is to maximize the chances of making an edutainment session as effective as possible. This approach resulted in a first iteration of a model. This model was built and derived based on statistical analysis of 1,126 individuals who completed a questionnaire about their communication personality, age, gamer profile, and weekly play time. Using this data, we constructed personality profiles and attempted to establish correspondences between the DiSC model and the player profiles derived from Bartle's classification. This is an initial approach that needs to be tested in the future.


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Keywords : Profiles, Players, Personnality, Learners, DiSC Model, Bartle's Typology