Serious games and design thinking: a possible combinaison? Julian Alvarez - 2023


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez
Editor : ISTE Open Science - Technologie et innovation
Date : 2023
Lang : Lang


This chapter presents two socio-technical systems that combine the use of serious games, especially digital ones, with design thinking. The aim of this approach is to test whether such a combination is possible. To this end, we conduct a comparative study of two serious games in which we were involved. Through a reflexive approach and by mobilizing surveys and field studies, the approach is not only feasible, but also allows for a good complementarity between game phases and design thinking. However, the way in which the game activity is conceived seems essential to achieve this. In fact, the strategy of combining these two phases is more effective than superimposing them.

Keywords : Serious games, Serious Play, Design Thinking, Edutainment, Video games, Activities, Game Design