Apport des technologies multimédias dans le système d'apprentissage en ligne Sphinx L. Capus, Cédric Sanza, Julian Alvarez - 2006


Support : Publications
Author(s) : L. Capus, Cédric Sanza, Julian Alvarez
Editor : Actes du colloque "Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication dans l'Enseignement Supérieur et l'Entreprise (TICE 2006)", Toulouse, INPT
Date : 2006
Lang : Lang


This paper presents the project of extension of the on-line learning system Sphinx to multimedia capabilities. Sphinx is actually used by the students of the University Laval at Quebec in an artificial intelligence course. This system enables the student to revise during their course and before the exams. The originality of the method rises in collaborative way of working, each student adding comments on the others. This interactivity has reach its boundaries and a new way is arising in order to increase the participating of the students. The 2D-3D technologies enables then to create working environments more friendly and closer to the ones known by these young adults, in particular in video games. In this article, we describe a new architecture and new functionalities of the sphinx system that are currently in progress. This tools are aimed to increase the motivation of the students and to provide a personalized help through a virtual companion. The prototype could be operational in fall 2006 and be tested in real conditions. 

Keywords : pédagogie, Video Game, Avatar, Virtual Companion, Serious Game