Serious Games: Advergaming, edugaming, training and more J. Alvarez, L. Michaud - 2008


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Author(s) : J. Alvarez, L. Michaud
Editor : IDATE
Date : 2008
Lang : Lang


By analysing in detail the characteristics, uses and different genres of serious game, this study outlines the challenges involved with the design, development and distribution of various types of title. Similarly, the report examines the outlook for the industry and its probable growth drivers.

The serious gaming market is of considerable importance. As the link between traditional video games and practical software, serious games offer a genuine opportunity to develop a sector that is all too often considered a niche. Furthermore, they offer huge potential for growth: "In 2008,” comments Laurent Michaud, project leader of the report, “the number of potential users worldwide stands between 600 million and one billion.” This number includes purchasers and non purchasers of video games, and though the under 25s represent the key target audience, serious games are aimed at all age groups.

Keywords : serious game, advergame, edugame, news game, edumarket game, serious gaming, advergaming, edugaming