Designing playful interactivity: an overview of "game design" methodologies Damien Djaouti, Julian Alvarez, Jean-Pierre Jessel - 2010


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Author(s) : Damien Djaouti, Julian Alvarez, Jean-Pierre Jessel
Editor : Actes du colloque "Ludovia 2010" , Ax-les-Thermes
Date : 2010
Lang : Lang


This paper presents a review of the literature on game design. After proposing a theoretical framework to clarify the definition of "ludic interactivity", we analyze a corpus of 36 texts dealing with game design. This analysis will first enable us to sketch out a categorization of the different types of methodological approaches to game design. It will then allow us to reflect on the very nature of game design, and more specifically on the different stages that make up this process.

Keywords : Game Design, Formal model, Interactivity