La création de Newsgames pour développer l'esprit critique d'élèves-ingénieurs : une expérimentation empirique Damien Djaouti, Julian Alvarez - 2013


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Author(s) : Damien Djaouti, Julian Alvarez
Editor : Atelier "Serious Games, jeux épistémiques numériques", conférence "EIAH 2013", Toulouse, 28-31 mai
Date : 2013
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In a video game design teaching course, we chose to replace the creation of entertainment videogames by the creation of Newsgames (i.e. Serious Games about news topics). Thanks to this change, our course seems to be able to enhance the critical thinking skills of students while still teaching them how to design videogames. For example, several students designed different videogames about the same news topic. This project required them to exchange their own opinions and discuss about the news topic. On some cases, it even led to a spontaneous debate among all the students about this news topic. Though this article, we will first present the context of our experimentation. We will then analyze the Newsgames created by the students, in order to study how their creations allowed them to exercise their critical thinking skills.

Keywords : newsgame, design, project based learning