Serious game : questions et réflexions autour de son appropriation dans un contexte d'enseignement Julian Alvarez - 2014


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez
Editor : Revue Psychologie Clinique, pp.112-126, n°37, DOI :
Date : 2014
Lang : Lang


This communication addresses the issue of the appropriation of the Serious Game object by an ecosystem, particularly in the education area. The starting point begins with the observation that the video game is a basis for the development of many Serious Games. As such, this raises a set of resistors, including from parents of students and media. The video game is seen as negative, particularly by the violent images that some titles call. This can thereby impacting negatively influencers and potential sponsors to recommend or to adopt Serious Game. If violence is addressed, other elements of response are exposed. Quickly, a systemic approach is required and highlights the importance of making videogame culture, implement appropriate accompaniments to create, disseminate and use Serious games, to make assessments on a scientific level. These different items are not exhaustive but indicate the complexity associated with the issue of the appropriation of the Serious Game and open to other questions.

Keywords : Appropriation, Video Game, Serious Game, Accompaniment, Complexity