The not serious gaming, an unproductive activity? Julian Alvarez, Aurélien Libessart, Sylvain Haudegond - 2014


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Author(s) : Julian Alvarez, Aurélien Libessart, Sylvain Haudegond
Editor : Interfaces Numériques, pp.391-408, Vol 3/3
Date : 2014
Lang : Lang


This paper is related to the works of Gilles Brougère and aims to study the rapport between play and serious. “Serious” is related to utilitarian aspects as Etienne Armand Amato proposes to do. More precisely, we try to study the potential of the productivity associated to play activities (serious or not) for the player. At the end, we propose a model. The census is carried out form a counter factual analysis, taking to framework from theoretical approaches including computer disciplines, psychology, Educational sciences and Information and Communication sciences.


DOI:10.3166/RIN.3.391-408 © AFDI 2014 

Keywords : serious game, artefact, activity, productivity, unproductivity