Méthodes de conception de Serious Games. Vers un modèle générique ? Damien Djaouti - 2015


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Author(s) : Damien Djaouti
Editor : Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information, pp.37-62, Vol 20/1
Date : 2015
Lang : Lang


This article deals with Serious Game design methods. More specifically, it focuses on the following question: is there any universal series of “steps” to design a Serious Game? Or is the availability of several different design methods unavoidable? To try to answer this question, we will study a corpus of ten design methods suited to Serious Games. Most of these theoretical tools are coming from or aimed to industry professionals. This literary review will allow us to perform a comparative analysis over the various “steps” used by these methods, in order to identify a generic model for the design process of Serious Games.


Keywords : serious game, design, method