Insert Coin Dr. Ludos, 20-07-2015

Insert Coin is a funny one-button game where you have to trick an arcade cabinet into giving you credits, by using a coin attached to a string. This game was created in 72h for the #indiesVSgamers competition hosted by GameJolt on the theme "Arcade". The game is also freely available on Android .


In this game, you'll have to "buy" as many credits as possible from an arcade cabinet using a single coin. The coin is tied to a string. After inserting the coin, you can pull the string to try to get your coin back, and play for "free". But beware, the arcade cab won't let you steal from it easily! Click repeatedly on your mouse button to pull the string. You'll be able to pull the coin back, or slow it down this way.


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Keywords : arcade, indiesvsgamers, one button, android, flash