Mahjian Damien Djaouti - 2010-2011

Serious game

Mahjian is an "Alternate Reality Game" who took place during 6 month (from january to june 2011) in the city of Blagnac, France. Proposing puzzles to solve on Internet mixed with real-life treasure hunts throughout the city, alongside with a giant game-show as a closing event, this game was designed to promote the cultural activities of Blagnac city.



While we were working for the game libraray of the Odyssud cultural center, we got involved in the geensis of this game, and we accompagnied it until its end. We also produced some multimedia elements (Internet website, small videogames) in order to contribute to its complex story. We even played the role of one of the "real-life non-player characters"...




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Keywords : serious game, alternate reality game