Nolife Story Florent Gorges - 2012

History of videogames (focused book)

Nolife Story

Author(s) : Florent Gorges
Editor : Omake Books
Publication date : 06-25-2012
Language : french French

This book tells the story of the french TV channel Nolife, dedicated to the japanese culture, and more specifically to mangas, animes and videogames. Thanks to numerous in-depth interviews and several photos, the author of this book invite us to a journey through the main steps that led to the creation of Nolife in 2007: the childhood of Sébastien Ruchet and Alex Pilot (the two charismatic creators of the channel) ; the creation of their first TV documentaries for Game One (a french television channel dedicated to videogames) ; and the "assault course" path to launch this channel, at first solely broadcasted through ADSL. The various programs and the different journalist/animators of the channel are also detailed and interviewed, which strengthen the captivating and touching human story told in this excellent book.


Keywords : nolife, television, manga, anime, videogame, game one, japan