Serious Games Clark C. Abt - 1970

Serious Games

Serious Games

Author(s) : Clark C. Abt
Editor : Viking Press
Publication date : 01-01-1970
Language : english English

The book that founded the "Serious Games" current. Clark Abt, an American researcher who studied computer simulation games for military training during the Cold War, highlights the potential of games for "serious" applications, such as education. Alongside with definition and studies, this book features a lot of games examples used for learning purposes (both inside or outside schools) on various supports: board games, card games, outside games, computer games, etc. A book that any researcher and designer of Serious Games should read, because Abt's approach on the topic is very clear and truly visionary, thus still a potential source of inspiration today.


Keywords : serious game, clark abt, definition, example, history