Jouer / Apprendre Gilles Brougère - 2005

Serious Games

Jouer / Apprendre

Author(s) : Gilles Brougère
Editor : Economica
Publication date : 01-01-2005
Language : french French

An essay written by Gilles Brougère, a researcher specialized about games, dealing with the relations between playing and learning. This book addresses play as a general activity, ranging from kids play in preschools to video games. The author stars with the definition of "game" and "play", before diving into the relationships between play and leisure, education and leisure, and, last but not least, play and education. Through the idea of "informal learning", he concludes that, while the playing games is not an educational activity "by nature", it can become a support for learning in some situations. While this book is not easy to read, it's a brilliant work offering very inspiring and strongly backed thoughts on this topic. A book that must be read by any researcher and teacher interesting in games and play.


Keywords : essay, learning science, learning, game, play, education, leisure, school