The Art of Computer Game Design Chris Crawford - 1984

Game Design (design)

The Art of Computer Game Design

Author(s) : Chris Crawford
Editor : McGraw-Hill / Osborne Media
Publication date : 05-01-1984
Language : english English

One of the first (if not the first) book dedicated to the design process of video games, written by the famous American game designer Chris Crawford. Despite its age, the content of this book is still very interesting and applicable today, which show how thoughtful its author was about the creative process of games. The book gives some very practical game design tips (elements of a game, balance, list of steps of the game design process, etc.) and some other general tips (how to educate yourself in order to be creative, etc.) that are still quite useful today, although the list of videogames genres discussed is obviously more limited than the games of nowadays.


Keywords : game design, tips, creation, first book