Les Serious Games : Une Révolution Yasmine Kasbi - 2012

Serious Games

Les Serious Games : Une Révolution

Author(s) : Yasmine Kasbi
Editor : Edipro
Publication date : 06-05-2012
Language : french French

An introductory book to the universe of Serious Games, written by an educator working with them on a daily basis in an "after-school" context. The book starts by defining Serious Games and their history, with many examples. The author then explores "why?" Serious Games, again backed by a lot of case studies. The last part of the book gathers a lot of references and resources on the topic, from tools and advices to design your own Serious Games to a list of events and schools dedicated to them. A very instructive book, easy to read, who paints a global view of the Serious Games universe.
N.B.: Let us mention if needed that this books is heavily citing the work of Ludoscience on this topic, and that one of our member was later invited to write a foreword to the book.


Keywords : serious games, introduction, history, events, schools