Serious Game : révolution pédagogique Valérie Lavergne Boudier, Yves Dambach - 2010

Serious Games

Serious Game : révolution pédagogique

Author(s) : Valérie Lavergne Boudier, Yves Dambach
Editor : Hermes Science Publications
Publication date : 05-29-2010
Language : french French

A book about Serious Games, written by the two heads of a company who is one of the french leader in this area, KTM Advance. This book offers a captivating real-life feedback from people working in the Serious Games industry, and who share with us some cases studies and detail the design methodology they use in their company. A rare and very interesting testimony that should be more than relevant for anyone working professionally on Serious Games.


Keywords : serious game, entreprise, ktm advance, design methodology