Yoshihisa Kishimoto : Enter the Double Dragon Florent Gorges - 2012

History of videogames (biography)

Yoshihisa Kishimoto : Enter the Double Dragon

Author(s) : Florent Gorges
Editor : Editions Pix'n Love
Publication date : 08-22-2012
Language : french French

The biography of Yoshihisa Kishimoto, a japanese game creator unknown by the general public, although he created one of the most famous videogame series: "Double Dragon". This well written book is full of pictures and starts by telling you the childhood of this little-known genius, alongside with his thug-like youth where he was always eager to fight inside and outside of school. He hopefully changed his lifestyle before becoming a real criminal. Fond of movies, he then started to create arcade games that helped to move forward the interactive movies genre, with titles like "Thunder Storm" and "Road Avenger". His main video game creation remains "Kunio-Kun", which, alongside with its sequel "Double Dragon", defined the popular "beat'em up" genre. These games, where you play as a character who has to fight many others ones in the street, were clearly nourished by his thug years. After these worldwide successes, Kishimoto continued his career by creating lower profile games as an independent game designer. Most of these later games are still truly interesting, such as the board game "Vier". This passionating book is a real tribute to the career of this talented game designer with an uncommon life. Hence, we warmly recommend it to any videogame amateur.


Keywords : yoshihisa kishimoto, double dragon, kunio-kun, renegade, thunder strom, road avenger, vier, biography