Game Design Worshop Tracy Fullerton - 2008

Game Design (design)

Game Design Worshop

Author(s) : Tracy Fullerton
Editor : CRC Press (2nd Edition)
Publication date : 01-01-2008
Language : english English

If you want to read only one book about Game Design, it should be this one. With over 450 pages, this "Game Design Bible" will allow you to truly understand how to create games. Among other topics, this book deals in great details with prototyping, the structure of a game (formal elements, dramatic elements, system dynamic...) or the day-to-day activity of a professional Game Designer working in the industry. As a talented Game Design teacher, Tracy Fullerton offers here a level of thought about what Game Design is that very few books on the topic achieve. Many interviews with professionals designers from the game industry also provides real-world examples of the topics discussed in the book. A brilliant and thought-provoking book, that deeply improved the way I personally approach Game Design.


Keywords : game design, study, examples, practical