The A-Z of Cool Computer Games Jack Railton - 2005

History of videogames (encyclopedia)

The A-Z of Cool Computer Games

Author(s) : Jack Railton
Editor : Allison & Busby
Publication date : 09-26-2005
Language : english English

This book is full of nostalgia, as it details games, machines and other elements of the videogame culture (ads, magazines, etc.) coming from a "golden era" of their history, according to the author: from the end of the 70's to the beginning of the 90's. This book gathers about 200 games and memories from the author, who are described with passion over one or two pages each. As the author is British, he was exposed to the European wave of videogames. This book will thus triggers a lot of memories to readers who knew this era, especially if they live in Europe.


Keywords : history, games, machines, europe, culture