Les Sagas du Jeu Vidéo n°1 - Assassin's Creed Nicolas Courcier, Mehdi El Kanafi - 2010

Studies & Analysis (game series)

Les Sagas du Jeu Vidéo n°1 - Assassin's Creed

Author(s) : Nicolas Courcier, Mehdi El Kanafi
Editor : Console Syndrome
Publication date : 11-25-2010
Language : french French

This book focuses on the Assassin's Creed saga: it analyses the first two episodes of the series, alongside with Brotherhood, as the book was written in 2010. This book is divided in three complementary parts. The "Creation" part tells about the birth of the games in Ubisoft studios. The "Universe" part details the scenarios of each episode, written in separate chapters in order to allow you to avoid "spoilers". Last but not least, the "Analysis" part analyses the saga, for example by drawing a parallel between the historical reality and the scenario of the games, by detailing its influences and references, or by studying the role of the hero in the series. A book full of illustrations, and which gathers a lot of information and analysis that will interest any fan of the saga. This book has since been updated and improved under the title "Assassin's Creed : Entre Voyages, Vérités et Complots" in order to talk about the newest episodes of the saga.



Keywords : assassin's creed, saga, analysis