Les métiers des jeux vidéo et de l'animation Jean-Michel Oullion - 2013

Game Design (profession)

Les métiers des jeux vidéo et de l'animation

Author(s) : Jean-Michel Oullion
Editor : L'Etudiant
Publication date : 11-21-2013
Language : french French

This book is a guide presenting the professional side of the videogames universe in a simple but complete way. It's divided in 4 parts. The first one presents the "day-to-day reality", by answering questions like "how do we create videogames?", "do we spent the day playing games?" or "can we became rich?", etc. The second part dissects the different jobs related to videogames, and explains their role and the kind of skills they require: game designer, scenarist, artist, coder, musician, project manager, tester, vendor and journalist. The third part is dedicated to a list of the training courses available in France, with tips on how to choose them. The last part explains how to "get into the industry": internships, job-finding tips, going abroad, creating his own studio... Far away from the false ideas usually seen about this professional sector, this book is enriched with several little interviews with actual professionals, helping the book to answer clearly and honestly to the many questions from people seeking to enter this industry. An excellent guide, vital to any students and parents with teenagers aspiring to "get a job in videogames"!
This book has been updated several times since its first edition in 2001. The version presented here is the 6th edition, published in November 2013.


Keywords : jobs, training courses, video games, industry, company, guide, student