Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia Casey Loe - 2013

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Capcom 30th Anniversary Character Encyclopedia

Author(s) : Casey Loe
Editor : BradyGames
Publication date : 10-21-2013
Language : english English

This book presents over 200 characters coming from the many video games created by Japanese studio Capcom. Each character is introduced on one page with a short text, in addition to one or two pictures. While this encyclopedia is far from being exhaustive, we appreciate the fact that characters coming from lesser-known games (Asura's Wrath, Star Gladiator, Red Earth, Rival Schools...) and ancients titles (1942, Vulgus, Commando...) are present, alongside with the ones coming for the most popular series (Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Megaman, DarkStalkers, Devil May Cry...). A beautiful book sold for a tiny price.


Keywords : capcom, characters, street fighter, resident evil, megaman, art book