La Révolution PlayStation - Les hommes de l'ombre Ryoji Akagawa - 2012

History of videogames (focused book)

La Révolution PlayStation - Les hommes de l'ombre

Author(s) : Ryoji Akagawa
Editor : Editions Pix'n Love
Publication date : 12-15-2012
Language : french French

This book unveils the story of a very important home console: the Sony PlayStation. Thanks to the interviews of more than twenty people who worked on this project, the author, also a member of the team, invites us to a journey behind the scenes of the creation process of this console. By mixing these various interviews, each chapter of the book details the different stages of the PlayStation project: an awkward beginning when Sony partnered with Nintendo to create a CD-Rom drive for the Super NES; the choice to venture alone with a technically top-notch console; the way Sony seduced third-party developers; the outstanding marketing campaign; and finally a commercial and cultural success at the end of the line. A book full of unique information, that should be read alongside with La Révolution PlayStation - Ken Kutaragi as it completes it quite admirably.


Keywords : playstation, revolution, sony, men in the shadows, industry, home console