La théorie des jeux Gaël Giraud - 2009


La théorie des jeux

Author(s) : Gaël Giraud
Editor : Flammarion
Publication date : 10-07-2009
Language : french French

A book introducing the so-called "game theory", which explains the numerous aspects of this research domain halfway between maths and economy. The author presents different kinds of "games", i.e. problems that allow him to introduce the various components of the game theory: zero-sum games and non zero-sum games, games with rational or irrational players, with or without collaboration, etc. While this book is exhaustive and while the author seems to master this topic, this book isn't recommended for beginners. Indeed, reading this book requires a solid background in maths, which, in addition to the sometimes hard-to-read content, makes it best suited to experts of the field.


Keywords : game theory, introduction, maths, economy, expert