Jacked: The unauthorized behind-the-scenes story of Grand Theft Auto David Kushner - 2012

History of videogames (focused book)

Jacked: The unauthorized behind-the-scenes story of Grand Theft Auto

Author(s) : David Kushner
Editor : Collins
Publication date : 03-15-2012
Language : english English

This book details the captivating story of the scandalous game series "Grand Theft Auto". Over 300 pages, the author tells us about the most epic moments of this saga: humble beginnings as a small arcade game made in Scotland by DMA Design; hiring Max Clifford to use media scandal as a marketing campaign; the hijacking of the series leadership by the Houser brothers and their studio Rockstar during the creation of GTA III; the first legal actions against the game series and the rise of its legendary opponent Jack Thompson; the huge "Hot Coffee" scandal; and finally the "victory" of the video games industry over Jack Thompson. The book mixes chapters dedicated to the creation of the games with others chapters focused on their most famous opponent, the lawyer Jack Thompson. It manages to make us "relive" many unknown moments of the story of GTA. While some unanswered questions remains, mainly due to the lack of direct participation of the Houser brothers in the book, it contains a lot of unique and captivating information, for both fans of the series and the others.
This book was translated into french in 2013 under the title "Jacked".

Keywords : grand theft auto, history, dma design, rockstar, jack thompson, sam houser, david jones, esrb