Terrible Nerd Kevin Savetz - 2012

History of videogames (biography)

Terrible Nerd

Author(s) : Kevin Savetz
Editor : Savetz Publishing
Publication date : 11-01-2012
Language : english English

The biography of Kevin Savetz, a computer and video games journalist, who is also a real "geek", in the positive meaning of this word. In this book, he tells us about his childhood and grown-up years, deeply tied to the main technological evolutions of the 80-90's: the rise of personal computing, the birth of video games, the BBS networks, and of course Internet. Born in the beginning of the 70's, Kevin Savetz grew up in company of the Channel F, the Intellivision, the TI 99/4A, the Atari 800, the Apple II, and the IBM PC, among others. Thanks to his very absorbing writing style, the author manages to make us feel like we are living moments like the discovery of the BBS networks, the rampant computer games piracy culture of the 80's, the thrill of playing LambdaMOO, and the fun of his first Internet-related jobs like building professional websites and writing for the AOL newsletter. A captivating book, recommended to anyone wondering about the birth of the culture underneath the technology that is now part of your daily lives.


Keywords : kevin savetz, geek, bbs, internet, computer, video game, culture