L'Empire des jeux Vincent Montagnana - 2005

History of videogames (overall history)

L'Empire des jeux

Author(s) : Vincent Montagnana
Editor : Timée-Editions
Publication date : 10-20-2005
Language : french French

A tiny book (140 pages in small format) gathering trivia and funny stories about 50 famous videogames: Pac-Man, Mario, Zelda, GTA... Each game is presented over two pages by several pictures and a short text. While this book reads easily, most of its information is far from being unique. Most of them are now part of the common knowledge of the average videogame player, or can be easily found in Wikipedia and similar sources. Anyway, this book remains a good gift idea for anyone discovering videogames, and who wants to quickly know their most popular historical anecdotes without diving too far in their history.


Keywords : history, anecdote, simple