Mes enfants sont accros aux jeux vidéo ! Jean-Michel Oullion - 2008

Studies & Analysis (videogames)

Mes enfants sont accros aux jeux vidéo !

Author(s) : Jean-Michel Oullion
Editor : Les Carnets de l'Info
Publication date : 01-24-2008
Language : french French

A book addressing the delicate "video game addiction" topic in a clear and thoughtful way. The book is suited to parents of young video game players, and explains the current state of scientific knowledge on this topic: in spite of what some un-rigourous journalists might say, video games are not a "drug", but some players may be in a "excessive playtime" state which they sometimes need help to escape from. To help parents achieve this goal, the book briefly introduces the main elements of the video game culture: its history, the main game genres, and their quite cryptic specific terms. It then explains the reasons that can lead someone to play excessively, as video games are usually a symptom of deeper problems, such as difficult life periods (family crisis, unemployment...) or real psychic problems (depression, schizophrenia...). The book also gives some practical solutions to help parents to connect back with their children, and help them reduce their playing time if needed. Last but not least, the book is enriched by many testimonies of players who suffered, or are still suffering, from being "video games addicts." An excellent book, very easy to understand, and full of useful information for parents worried about the place video games are taking in their children's lives.

Keywords : video game addiction, parent handbook, simple, practical, testimony