Les Jeux vidéo Blaise Mao - 2013

Studies & Analysis (videogames)

Les Jeux vidéo

Author(s) : Blaise Mao
Editor : Editions 10 / 18
Publication date : 10-17-2013
Language : french French

This book is part of a series titled "the world explained to grown-ups." Hence, with its 160 pages, it aims to explain, in a simple and accessible manner, the world of video games to people who don't know anything about it. Despite its reduced size, this books successfully manages to achieve his goal, as it talks about many topics: history of video games, their art and cultural aspect, their industry, their controversies (addiction & violence), alongside with more recent topics like gamification. The author has done a very good background research (despite a few errors regarding Serious Games), helping this book to become worthy of Qui a peur des jeux vidéo ?. A new reference book for anyone looking for a quick and simple introduction to the world of video games.


Keywords : video game, introduction, history, art, industry, addiction, violence, gamification