Mythologie des jeux vidéo Laurent Trémel, Tony Fortin - 2009

Studies & Analysis (videogames)

Mythologie des jeux vidéo

Author(s) : Laurent Trémel, Tony Fortin
Editor : Le Cavalier Bleu Editions
Publication date : 11-13-2009
Language : french French

This book aims to deconstruct the "positive discourses about video games", that helped it to be regarded in a less negative way as the time went by. While the topic is very interesting, the extremely small size of this book (96 pages in very small A6 format) prevents him to reach this goal. Instead of a rigorous analysis that such a topic requires, the authors limit themselves to some broad and bold critics (such as the french university being under the order of the video game industry....) without any real evidences to back them up. As some ideas of the book are interesting (some journalists and researchers using industry-published data without precaution, the arrival of "digital native" in the job market contributing to modify the image of video game in the media...), it's sad that the authors didn't took the time to explore them, even if it would have meant dealing with less topics due to the limited space available...


Keywords : critic, video game, positive discourse, media