Casual Game Design Gregory Trefry - 2010

Game Design (design)

Casual Game Design

Author(s) : Gregory Trefry
Editor : Morgan Kaufmann
Publication date : 02-26-2010
Language : english English

This book focuses on the design of "Casual Games", i.e. video games aimed to people playing them casually. The three first chapters deals with the definition of casual games, their professional creation process, and a broader study of the various play from they can offer. The nine following chapters are then dedicated to each sub-category of casual games: management, match-3, puzzles, hidden objects, construction, social games, etc. While the text is easy to read and understand, this book offers a high level of analysis of the different kinds of Casual Games, alongside with the game mechanisms and design choices that make them so enjoyable. This book is very interesting, and deals with a type of video games rarely discussed in other Games Design books.


Keywords : game design, casual games, examples, analysis, industry