IG Magazine Bounthavy Suvilay, Collectif - 2009

History of videogames (focused book)

IG Magazine

Author(s) : Bounthavy Suvilay, Collectif
Editor : Ankama Presse
Publication date : 03-25-2009
Language : french French

IG Magazine is a journal, issued every 2 months, with a format that is half-way between a book and a regular journal. Each issue comes with more than 250 pages dedicated to the current trends, the economy, the culture and the history of videogames. IG magazine was published between March 2009 and July 2013, for a total of 27 regular issues and 10 additional "special issues." It was an excellent journal, the only french journal that was able to talk about current videogames topics while targeting adult readers. We will miss it deeply...


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Keywords : journal, news, economy, culture, history, analysis