L'incroyable histoire de la saga Mario Kart Florent Gorges - 2014

History of videogames (focused book)

L'incroyable histoire de la saga Mario Kart

Author(s) : Florent Gorges
Editor : Link Digital Spirit / Micromania
Publication date : 05-30-2014
Language : french French

This tiny 80 pages books tells the history of the Mario Kart series of games, from Super Mario Kart (Nintendo, 1992) to Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 2014), also including spin-offs like Mario Kart Arcade GP (Namco, 2005). This book features a lot of images and is very pleasant to read. It also offers many trivia related to the various series episodes, obtained through a direct interview with the main designers. As it can go into details due to lack of pages, this book is recommended to anyone who have played at least one Mario Kart title!
N.B.: this book was never published to retail, it was solely offered as a gift by Micromania, a french video game shop brand, to any customer who pre-ordered Mario Kart 8.


Keywords : mario kart, history