GameSpite Journal 10 : Super NES Turns 20 Jeremy Parish, Collectif - 2011

History of videogames (encyclopedia)

GameSpite Journal 10 : Super NES Turns 20

Author(s) : Jeremy Parish, Collectif
Editor :
Publication date : 11-01-2011
Language : english English

This 200 pages book presents a selection 80 good games on the Super NES. Most of the chosen games are classical titles: Super Mario, Zelda, Starfox,  Super Metroid, Castlevania, Final Fantasy, Megaman X, etc. Hopefully, the authors also highlight some obscure gems: Robotrek, Radical Dreamers, Shiren The Wanderer, Drakken, etc. Each games is presented over one page of text and one page of beautifully laid-out images. Last but not least, several 3-4 pages articles focuses on the key points of SNES history: its US release, the gamepad design, the SatellaView, the Mode 7, the Super GameBoy... Overall, this book is pleasant to read, although a few articles are more focused on telling the author's personal memories rather than describing the game itself.


Keywords : super nes, history, games, encyclopedia