Takahashi Meijin : Autobiographie d'une idole du jeu vidéo au Japon Takahashi Meijin, Florent Gorges - 2010

History of videogames (biography)

Takahashi Meijin : Autobiographie d'une idole du jeu vidéo au Japon

Author(s) : Takahashi Meijin, Florent Gorges
Editor : Editions Pix'n Love
Publication date : 06-04-2010
Language : french French

The autobiography of Takahashi Meigin, someone relatively unknown here but known by every gamer in Japan. He spent most of his career as a employee in Hudson Soft, a game development studio who created the "Bomberman" and the "Mario Party" series, among many others popular titles. But Takashi Meijin wasn't a regular employee: instead of designing videogames, he was hired to advertise them. A remarkably skilled videogame player, he was casted as living legend during the NES/Famicom era in Japan. He was the only recognizable "face" of videogames for any Japanese kid and their parents during the 80's. He was featured in TV shows and commercials, and he was also touring around Japan in order to run videogames contests and live demonstrations. During these events, he would demonstrate his videogaming skills such as the unique ability to mash up gamepad buttons up to 16 times per second. Last but not least, he would be also given the rare honor of becoming a videogame main character in the "Adventure Island" series. Full of illustrations, easy to read, and filled with unique information, this captivating book will offer you a rich picture of the cultural impact the home videogames had on the Japanese society.


Keywords : biography, takahashi meijin, hudson soft, japon, nes, pc engine, 16 shot