Apprendre avec les Serious Games ? Julian Alvarez, Damien Djaouti, Olivier Rampnoux - 2016

Serious Games

Apprendre avec les Serious Games ?

Author(s) : Julian Alvarez, Damien Djaouti, Olivier Rampnoux
Editor : Réseau Canopé
Publication date : 06-08-2016
Language : french French

This book focuses on Serious Games for Education. It's aimed at teachers who wish to use games, digital or not, with their students. The book starts with a presentation of the main advantages and limitations of using Serious Games for teaching, based upon conclusions of several scientific studies conducted over this topic. It then exposes practical information: where can we find Serious Games? How to integrate them into a lesson? Is it possible to use "entertainment games" for education purposes? Last but not least, the book finishes by introducing simple and easy to use tools that teachers can use to create "custom" Serious Games for their students. Using the same tools, it's also possible to ask students to design Serious Games, another way for them to acquire knowledge. Overall, this book a very useful practical guide that any teacher interested in Serious Games should read!
N.B.: This book was written by members of Ludoscience.



Keywords : serious game, school, education, examples, pratical guide