Game-based Approach in e-Learning Mariya Gachkova, Elena Somova - 2016


Support : Références scientifiques
Auteur(s) : Mariya Gachkova, Elena Somova
Editeur : Institute of Mathematics and Informatics Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Association for the Development of the Information Society - Proceedings of the National Conference on "Education and Research in the Information Society", Plovdiv, May, 2016, 143p-152p
Date : 2016
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In this article a summary is made of the use of standard electronic game’s methods in e-learning. It shows how game-elements and game-mechanics can be applied in e-learning environments. Different types of Serious games – Game-based learning, Gamification of learning, Organizational-dynamic games, Simulation Games and Edutainment have been discussed. The article introduces the game-based model for learning and 70:20:10 education framework. There are examples for e-Learning environments that include some of the abovementioned game-elements and game-techniques. The focus in the conclusion is on the potential benefits of successful implementation of serious games into a learning environments.


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Mots-clés : E-learning, Serious games, Game-based learning, Gamification, Game-based learning model