Comparative Study to Develop a Tool for the Quality Assessment of Serious Games Intended to be used in Education Yassine EL Borji, Mohamed Khaldi - 2016


Support : Références scientifiques
Auteur(s) : Yassine EL Borji, Mohamed Khaldi
Editeur : iJET ‒ Volume 9, Issue 9: "Blended Learning", 2014 55 A
Date : 2016
Langue : Langue


Abstract—Serious games are present today in several fields such as education, government, health, defense, industry, civil security and science. In our research we are particularly interested in serious games used in education since they have become an essential part of the learning process and one of the main pedagogical tools used for diffusion of educational messages. So the use of serious games in an educational context can motivate students and stimulate their interest as they fit into a world they know and in which they feel comfortable. But the real issue is that they have not been exploited to their full potential in order to ensure efficient use in education. This work tries to meet this issue. It is interested in contributing to the knowledge of serious games as well as to promote their use in educational field. Based on the metadata schema «SG-LOM» to formally describe serious games and other comparative study, we suggest examining pedagogical, Playful and Technical criteria to conduct this study which aims to develop an assessment and analysis grid of the quality of serious games intended to be used in educational field.
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Mots-clés : Assessment Grid, Education, Serious games, SG-LOM