A serious game based method for business process management Marco Santorum - 2011


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Auteur(s) : Marco Santorum
Editeur : Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS), 2011 Fifth International Conference on
Date : 2011
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Nowadays, organizations have to be flexible enough to allow adjustments to new circumstances and to be able to align their processes in a short time according to the users requirements, respecting environmental constraints and technological evolution. The challenges are then to improve process efficiency and quality, to introduce a continuous process evolution and to improve the stakeholder's satisfaction. This article proposes a Serious Game-based Method for Business Process Management equipped with a game tool. This approach is particularly useful for existing business processes and allows the representation, amelioration and evolution of changing business processes. We take as case study the university processes and conduct experiments to measure the acceptability and feasibility of our method and identify, develop and validate the specifications of the simulation game tool. Finally we present our first prototype of the game as part of a virtual 3D world.
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Mots-clés : Serious Game, Business Process, Modeling, Management, Participative process, Process improvement, BPM