PBL and Serious Games Julian Alvarez, Jean-Pierre Jessel, Gilles Methel - 2007


Support : Publications
Auteur(s) : Julian Alvarez, Jean-Pierre Jessel, Gilles Methel
Editeur : Actes du colloque "7th ALE International Workshop: Experience and Reflection on Active Learning in Engineering Education", Toulouse, Geneviève Moore, Anne Hernandez, ISBN : 978-2-87649-051-2
Date : 2007
Langue : Langue


First this communication reports an active learning experience about students who had to create Serious Games dedicated to teenagers. In the second time, this communication takes supports on the experience to highlight similarities between the PBL and Serious Games approaches.

Mots-clés : Serious Game, Pédagogie, Jeux vidéo, Pédagogie active, Apprentissage par Problème, Apprentissage par Projet, APP